Week 14 Demo Day



Booth Area



Interactive Prototype


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.38.56 pm


Comments from tutors

  • Think more about the target user
    They should be someone who travel a lot.
  • Not many people will get sick during travel
  • the app may not be useful
  • Suggest to give some notification to the user when they cross the border using the app. Give them discount to buy travel insurance so that they can buy insurance after the starting of the trip.
  • This help to raise sales of the insurance package


The presentation is a causal one that chatting with tutor makes me more comfortable to share my idea to him. Though I am really familiar with the app, I have to prepare more on how to show him my work in order to present better.

Think in very detail way to feel what is the need of the target user is the most important thing I learn. Every step is essential to the target user even it is only a form for them to fill in. From how the user can get the log in ID to pay the bill are also important. Helping the user to find what the want in the least step is my concerns. I am afraid they will get lost inside the app. Don’t know what to click, Which page they are in, etc. Therefore, I make my app with clear instructions, prominent button and straight forward flow. So that user will not be confused.

For the comment from tutor, I think it is very useful to me. He suggested that, not all the traveller will buy travel insurance before they start the trip and it is not easy to sick during travelling, so that the app may not be useful for normal traveller. It should target some people who travel a lot and persuade them to buy travel insurance when the cross border.


week 13 refined wireflow, prototype and idea

wireflow 3



  • user find it quite sudden to pay after they searched the clinic.
  • user do not want to go back to map page to view the location of clinic

Wireflow 4



  • a barcode for user to show to clinic to scan
  • apply tab menu in map view and list view


  • should add more factors about travel. the app now is like a normal insurance app.
  • show the costing of clinic

Week 12 : wireflow and prototype

Finalize the concept and features

User buy the travel insurance prior to travel, they download the app before the trip. it is only a part of the travel insurance covering the medical part. If they are sick, they can:

  1. buy travel insurance
  2. guide user to the partner clinic and hospital
  3. pay medical fee with the app
  4. save and record down the medical receipt
  5. help users to have further claims if they have other loss because of the sickness

Wireflow of key tasks – Pay for medical fee using the app

Convert the wireflow into paper prototype.


Test the prototype with a potential user

User need to use the application to pay for the medical fee after they see doctor and diagnostic.

Summarize the findings

The testing shows that:


1. the task flow is easy to follow as there are not much to choose


  1. cannot show which stage the user is in
  2. no need to choose what bill the user is paying for, user find difficulties in choosing between hospital and clinic.
  3. no further suggestion if the user forget the answer of secured question or the mobile phone fail to receive the sms.
  4. not much personal details like how much the travellers have already claims in the app, they would like to know if they meet the limit of the medical fee
  5. not secured enough if other people get the phone. they can go and pay for the fee.

Refine the Prototype – Medium Fidelity


  1. add how much medical limitation left in index page
  2. delete choosing bill type page
  3. add “provide proof later function"
  4. add the progress bar in each payment page

Refined concept: Cashless medical insurance

For how to persuade travellers to see doctors when they are sick, i suggested the cashless medical insurance to help them. They can use this to pay for the medical fee to partner clinic if they are sick.


It is a part of the travel insurance. If the user brought travel insurance prior to trip, he can use the following functions:

– with the app, users can use the app to pay and record down the receipt.

– users can also type in the receipt number to get the receipt when they have internet.

it help users to find where is the partner clinics.



Research on travel insurance

After the presentation, I do more research on travel insurance ( medical part)

Claiming medical expenses spent during travelling (referencing travelguard, blue cross)

  1. fill in the related claim form
  2. provide all the supporting documents to substantiate your claim. (Complete documentation will prevent the delay in your claim assessment as additional time may be required to obtain the information required. )
  3. Upon receipt of sufficient documents, company will assess your claim accordingly. The result of your claim submission will be sent to you by mail or e-mail.

Sickness will lead to different extra expenses, the follow are claims that related to Sickness:

  1. Medical Expense Reimbursement
  2. Hospital Income
  3. Loss of Income
  4. Cancellation / Curtailment
  5. Journey Rearrangement

The above 5 claims need the support of medical documentation

Other research:

AnEuropean Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will enable you to access state-provided healthcare in European Economic Area (EEA) countries, including Switzerland, at a reduced cost, or sometimes for free.

The concept of EHIC is similar to mine.


Reflection week 6- week 10

6. Building scenarios > Role play

To Act out the scenario by role play really need the actors action. When I try the role play in the first time, I write the script for my group mates and let them to do according to my scenario. Therefore, I can have my scenario get performed out. However, after tutor’s comment, role play should only give the actors the background of my situation and should let them act freely. I think it is difficult for not giving the actors instructions to do what I should since they are not some well trained actors or have not face the situation when travelling before. Base of this situation, I tried to give more description and tell them some different methods to solve the problem. They can choose from what I propose and add more freely.

The result is quite good. I can see they use the method choose by actors which they think is suitable to solve the problem while I am not guiding strictly.

When the role play,  I found the users are frustrated when they are sick as they do not know how to do.

7. User journey map

Following the scenario and the result of role play, I created the user journey map. I have three scenario, but three of them are sick when they are travelling. The difference is only for their decision made after they are sick.

In each step, I write down what the travellers are thinking and the designer’s view in order to see how can a design help the traveller. I write as much questions as I can so see what situation and problems the travellers need to face. This process help me to know more about the travellers.

Besides, I also put the emotion for the travellers to see how the emotion is changing through out their travelling. I find their feeling just become more sad after they are sick. The trip is totally ruined. They cannot do what they have planned before instead they have to find doctors, take medicines and take rest. Sickness during travelling seems a big problem to have.

From the User journey map, I see the traveller seldom go to see doctor immediately when they are sick. Instead, they will take medicine and buy medicine first. However, this measure is not always work. They will only see doctor after fail to heal the disease by themselves. This may waste time for their trip and waste money money.

My concept is based on this situation to develop.

8. Concept

The concept is a travel insurance mobile application which help user to pay the medical fee after they see doctor overseas.

According to the user journey, I find users will not see doctors when they are sick. They will use their own medicines and go to drug store to buy medicine first. But this measure is not always work. They will see doctors once they are fail to heal sickness by themselves. They think see doctors is expensive, do not know which clinic is trustable, afraid of the overseas medical procedure. If they go to see doctor immediately, they can save time and money to buy medicine.

The concept is to help user to find a trustable doctor overseas and pay by the application. This can help fully utilise the travel insurance as buying this is very common among the traveller. However they will not use it even they are sick. My application is to improve and help the user to heal the sickness faster so they can resume their trip as soon as possible.

The usage of the application:

  1. Buy the medical insurance before the trip.
  2. log in to the application
  3. Go to partner clinic to see doctor when they are sick
  4. Payment by the application

Features of the application:

  1. The insurance company is linked up with partner clinics overseas.
  2. Clinics can provide a digital bill special for the application
  3. User can scan the digital bill to pay for the medical fee
  4. User do not need to pay money for the medical
  5. Insurance company will check directly with the partner clinic.
  6. User do not need to write down the claim form after the trip ended.

Values of the application

  1. reduce time for traveller to find trustable clinic
  2. persuade travellers to see doctor when they are sick
  3. help the travellers to heal sickness properly
  4. help the traveller to fully utilise the travel insurance

My reflection according to the concept:

My app is only for medical cases. It can also work on other claims like lost luggage and lost flight. But the insurance company cannot check directly with the local government and flight company for the prove of accident. Users can send claims through the app but still need to provide receipt to insurance company.

It is not the same case as medical part, as the most important part for the app is persuade them to see doctor overseas.

9. Use case Diagram , Flow Chart , Site map

Once the concept is clear, use case diagram, flow chart and site map are not difficult to work on.

12. Wireframe > Wireflow