WEEK 1 – Discussion and mindmap about travel

have to work on a project for people on different situation, and our task is about “travel in a situation".

“Look into a situation, Uncover opportunities" becomes the motto for the this project.

Suggestions from lecture1:

– travel with many luggage

-travel with pets and babies

-travel without hotel reservation

-travel in a rented car

Mind map after lecture 1:

S__29909018 I think of some situation that will happen during travel or before travel. And I pick up 2 that i think is more interesting to further develop including bad weather and meet a thief.




During tutorial, I share the above to my group mates and have discussion. The below is 5 of our different situation:

1. travel for working holiday

2. travel experierncing natural disasters

3. travel with extreme conditions, like lost personal belongs, bad weather

4. travel when pregnant

5. travel with vegetarian

I think the above conditions are interesting while no.3 and no.5 is more appealing to us. No.3 include many situation that we may face during travel and no.5 is a new and fresh topic to me. We finally decided to further develop on no.3 since no.5 is too narrow and specific.

S__29900827In order to think of a more specific situation then a general idea of “extreme conditions", we discussed and try to narrow it down. For different conditions we thought of, health problem seems more interesting so we decided to work on it.






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