Week 2. Interview with someone who have sick problem during traveling before

Our team drafted some questions for interview during week 2, and I found a friend who have sick problem during traveling before.

Date of interview: 11.9.2014

Basic information:

1. age: 29

2. gender: f

Background info for the travel:

1. Why did you go travel?

graduate trip about a month long

2. Who did you travel with?

a group of friends with 3 boys and 2 girls

3. Where did you go travel?

traveling around Europe like Germany, France, Spain, etc

4. Any pre-trip measure made?

Yes, I did buy the travel insurance and brought basic personal medicine with me.

5. are you chronically ill or easily get sick?

I am not chronically illness and I am quite healthy

During the trip:

1. what health problem have during the trip?

I caught a cold, fever, the body is very tired and the head is very heavy and dizzy.

2. Why you are sick?

I think I was too tired for a trip about a month. not getting enough rest, maybe the trip is too long.

3. did you go seek medication?


4. Where did you go find medicine?

the drug store nearby my hotel in London.

5. Difficult situation when you had health problem? how you overcome?

See doctor is too expensive and i don’t have enough money as I have to save some of them for my coming trip to other places. So, I just go to buy medicine myself.

6. how did you feel?

Feel very sick, tired and frustrated. Also very angry as my friends not caring me and only thought of play.

7. what problem brought to you when try to solve the health issue?

Language problem. Though in London can use English, sometimes its difficult to describe the what health problem i have in english. It took sometimes to clarify how sick i am and buy the correct medicine.

8. what influences did the health problem brought to you?

lost mood in the trip already. have to stay in hotel for rest. only can visit some closer place and do easy activities for a week.


the interview process is quite smooth. but what i review the result of the interview, i found i can ask more follow up questions like : when she said she has no money for doctors, why she doest use the medical insurance or personal medicine she brought with her. it will provide a better understand for her situation to me.

the interview is about 15 mins, and Adit suggested to have a 25 to 30 mins interview next time.






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