Week 3. interview II : interviewing a person who health problem during travel

I have interviewed another person who have health problem before during the trip. Below is the capture of our conversation. (i interviewed in Cantonese and its a translation to English.

In (interviewer)    Sophie (interviewee)

Hi Sophie, I am currently working on an interactive project about a person who have health problem during traveling. I know you go travel very usually. So i think you can really help me. I will ask you some questions about your travel destination and hows your situation when you are sick. The interview will be around 20-30 minutes and I hope it will not consume much of your time. Thank you. May you please help me to fill up the basic information form?

Have you ever get sick when you’re traveling?

Yes, I have.

What is the purpose of the trip?

It’s a annual leave for 5 days trip.

Who did you travel with?

Friends. 1 boys and 1girl. total 3.

Where you got sick when traveling?

Southeast Asia. Sabah in Malaysia.

Oh, thats a great place for seafood and diving. When you go this trip?

Its around spring to summer time. I cannot exactly remember.

What is the weather at that time?

The weather is awesome. No raining, sunshine, which is very suitable for holiday.

Any pre-trip medical measure made?

Yes, Sure. I brought with me some panadol and some medicine for vomit, dizzy.

Its sound your quite well prepared for your trip. Did you do anything other than medicine?

Yes, i did buy travel insurance.

What is included in your insurance?

Haaaa, I don’t really know. I just know its a travel insurance that include 5 days trip for delay, cancel trip.

Where you buy the insurance ?

just buy online in online banking service. because its only 100-200 dollar. So i don’t study that much.

What health problem did you suffer from in Sabah?

First i have diarrhoea and then vomit and finally fever. it should be a enterogastritis. but a serious one.

Wahh, its quite serious. So, do you know why you are sick? What you did before get sick ?

Im quite lucky. I got sick just before the day i back to Hong Kong. I just went to some aquatic activity and nothing special. I think i got sick just because I eat some CURRY there. The locals eat did not have problem but maybe I just too sensitive for that kind of food. I was very sick after eating this.

How much amount you eat?

A normal meal.

Is It seafood?

Ummm i don’t remember. Just curry thing and nan to eat.

Did your friends have the same problem as yours?

No, as they did not go to eat with me.

What kind of food store is it? 

Its a restaurant, not a hawker on street. A local dive coach brought me there to have some local food. He lived there for many years, so he did not have problem. After the dinner, I vomit and fever in mid night.

So when you are sick, what you did when you got health problem?

My method to heal is to stop eating anything and I will not vomit and diarrhoea. And then in that morning, i did not eat anything. So nothing i can vomit. Just to wait to go back to airport and flight to Hong Kong.

So hows your trip afterward?

I ate some panadol in hand but its for fever and nothing do with the vomit and diarrhoea.

What is your a difficult situation when you had health problem and how you overcame it?

Its lucky that i sick in the last day of the trip. The difficult situation is i need friend to take care of me. We cannot hang out and play. I was a burden on them. I sick and then they cannot play either. I was quite guilty.

What did you do after you get sick?

Since its the last day. We did not plan a lot activities. So we stay in a cafe to wait for the time to airport.

Why didn’t you go to see doctor?

Since the time i sick is quite late. I had lunch (curry) and start feeling not well in evening and finally start vomit and diarrhoea in mid-night. So i did not go to see doctor. But If i sick 1 or 2 day earlier, i may go to doctor.

What did you feel when health problem occur?

Helpless. it is a normal feeling when sick. seems no one can help me especially when i am in other places. parents are not with me. the local disease like malaria, so l was worried about i have that disease too. 

Who do you think that can help you?

I think my friend should bring me to see doctor. My friend just help me to clean up my vomit. but the time is really embarrass as the day we need to back to Hong Kong and see doctor may have to stay a long time in hospital for checking and drip. So its really difficult to do.

Thank you for you time. 



The flow of the questions smoother then last time. Interviewee answer more. But its difficult to control myself not to ask directional and YES/NO questions since its a first reflection to the interviewee answer.




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