Paul Bennett: Design is in the details

Watched a ted talk video suggested by tutor. I found it very interesting about how to find opportunity in situation.

Example : A medical experience in hospital

– the designer tried the feeling of staying in the hospital that is very boring and dull, so the hospital correspondingly design some thing to improve the medical experience, like decoration the ceiling, defining the private space and public space, and create a board for leaving messages to the patients in the room. The above methods are easy but meaningful.

Besides, Its suggested that people have own knowledge to form their daily, for example people will follow what other peoples do as they think the have permission to do so and they will have some basic rule in their mind. This normal behavior that help me to design my application in the future.

Moreover, the video inspired me to feel what the user feel and what the user do. For example, an ikea designer is ordered to design a storage for children. He just follow the children behavior, sit under the table, to feel what children feel in their daily life which shows the importance of empathy in design process.



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