Reflection for the last 6 week

First to recap what have been done through during the pass 6-7 week, the design process is well structured, that I can start my project step by step and have a clearer goal time by time. The subject first start from a general situation, travel with a situation.

During the learning process in the studio, we have to define the situation, find out which is more appropriate to develop and work on. After define the situation, we have to draft the questionnaire based on the situation we define. Then have a pilot interview with a person who have faced that kind of situation before in order to see if the question is set in a right and a smooth way. A more detailed interview with interviewee is conducted in order to find out more information about how traveller will overcome the situation.

Afterwards, we evaluate the finding and answer from each interview conducted by group mates to find out the similarity to form cluster. And from the cluster to conclude the dimension and then matrix and finally comes to vision statement. Since then, scenario is written based on the type of traveller I choose to work on in the vision statement. Role play is acted for to know how they will react under that situation.

The above is the basic recap of the learning and study process. The below I will share my view and feeling towards each of them respectively.

1. Defining situation

I have to think what is possible and valuable to work on. I think this part is essential. In this stage, choosing the right topic is so important for future development. We should choose a topic that is interesting and have various aspect to develop.

2. Drafting question list and Starting pilot interview > Review interview questions

Interviewing a person is not easy. i not only have to asking her a question, also need to see what is her facial expression in order not to ask so suddenly and make the interviewee embarrassed. The pilot interview help me to understand what is the problem of the questionnaire, like the order of the questions. I noticed that it need to take more relaxingly before really start to ask her the questions. In this way, she was warm up and can answer more. The skills of the asking question is also important. I found that avoid asking YES/NO question is really important. YES/NO question required the interviewees to answer YES/NO only. this is difficult for them to evaluate more.

3. Iterating interview  > Clustering interview data

After getting the answer from the interview, we have to summarize our findings. Therefore, we first list out what we find in our interview and then share with group mate and find similarity. At first, It is not that easy as I am not so sure about what is the meaning of cluster. I just work on step by step. The interview result from others is quite interesting as it is different but have similarity.

4. Structuring context > Dimensions > matrix >Define statement design title

All the previous preparation is prepared for this part. It maybe the biggest challenge in this stage among all the exercises throughout the course to me. From the cluster, we have to form dimensions. I think it is very easy to get lost. Matrix affect the future development of the app.  There are 2 things that I feel frustrating.

To starts with the naming issue. It is very difficult to give a relevant name for the group of people. For example in my case, is calm and casual traveller a smart traveller? Isnt calm and planned traveller smart? both of them can be smart. I struggled in how to define that kind of traveller a lot.

Secondly, the dimension that I choose to work on. When I am working on the matrix, I found some time the 2 dimension point 2 different side will have some contradiction when it form a quarter. For example, I tried to use the dimension :dependent and independent as the behavior towards sickness and planned and casual as the attitude for the trip. After I have started, I found it is not possible for using these 2 dimensions as some of the cluster contradict towards each other.   For the dependent and planned traveller,  dependent’s cluster include rely on others. But they are well planned people, why they need to rely on others???

5. Making statement > Vision Statement 

Vision Statement have to include the product, how to help the target group, what information provided to the target group, and a long term goal.

Defining the long term goal is the most difficult one to me. What is a long term goal for a traveller have sick problem during travel ? He or she is sick and heal the sickness may be the most important thing. What should be the app vision ?

After the tutorial, the problem I doubt with have a better understanding. The vision for the target user can be improved to be a better person.

6. Building scenarios > Role play

To Act out the scenario by role play really need the actors action. It is difficult to control the result. After



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