Week 6 : Scenario

“Let’s start with scenarios. They are usually tied to personas and are part of creating a story about who the user of a particular technology is, what they want, what they know. A  scenario is therefore usually written in narrative form, perhaps with pictures and illustrations as well. Scenarios are generally written at the beginning of a project during discovery and requirements gathering phases. They provide human-centered anchors to guide design and development by providing tangible faces, names and stories for how technology will be used."

“A scenario is a description of a persona using a product to achieve a goal, they describe an instance of use…in context.

Scenarios are usually narratives that tell a story describing one or more tasks in a specific environmental situation.

For the design of services and systems we can use scenarios to understand and communicate what activities our system needs to support.

Scenarios are flexible and can become more detailed throughout the project life-cycle. They should focus on the activities people do and the context in which they do them. They differ from use cases in that they focus on specific situations and capture the diversity between these. Your scenarios should illustrate all of the situations in which people visiting your site/ application will experience."

I write the scenario based on the group of traveller that I define in matrix, who is planned and anxious that I called them Intense traveller. The scenario is based on the traveller who have a clear goal for during the trip time. However they were suddenly sick. My objective is to see how they react the sudden change.

1. Sophie 30+, Graphic Designer. She loves trying new things and this time she is travelling to malaysia for a diving trip alone for five day. She went to a local restaurant for dinner in the arrival day. However, she started vomit and diarrhea in the mid-night. She had medicine however it dosen’t work as the symptoms didnt reduce. The diving training will start in the next day, she is very sad.

2. Ben 30+ just quit a job and was a waiter before. He is tired of working and went to a long trip to Europe.  He woke up very early everyday and play till very late at night through out the trip as this is the first time for Ben to be in Europe. He caught a cold and fever since he was too tired. He felt very tired and need a rest. However, he booked a ticket to watch a football match to support his favourite team. He wanted to recover as soon as possible.

3. Carol 40 housewife. travelled to tokyo with husband. Both of them cannot speak japanese and english. This was the first time to travel without a travel agency. Carol suddenly feel painful and dizzy as she has period in the last day of the trip. They have to arrive airport at 3pm and now is 1 already.




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