Week 8 : storyboard and User Journey




The storyboard is based on the role play of scenario 1. it shows the traveling plan of diving is ruined by the sudden illness of the traveler.The traveler has ate some wrong food resulting in vomit. She take the medicine she brought with her for the trip. However the illness does not improve. She then seek help from the hotel service and then she is suggested to have a body check in the hospital.  She have to spend time in hospital during the trip. Not only she cannot enjoy the trip, she has to pay for the hospital fee. She is very sad, frustrated and helpless.



A man visiting Italy and going to see a football match at night. He sightseeing a lot during daytime, but maybe he is too tired for the trip, he caught a cold and fever. He wants to heal the sickness as soon as possible so that he can watch the football match. He asks a local about how to find medicine. However, due to communication problem, the answers from the local is difficult to understand. Therefore, he just walk  and ask again. Finally, he finds a clinic and go inside although this is not his original plan. The doctor asks him to take more rest and take medicine on time. Besides, the fee for see a doctor cost a lot for his trip expenditure. He is now worrying about how to spend the money in the coming trip. Besides, he feels very tired after taking the medicine. However, if he skip this match, he will not have time to stay in the city to wait for another match. He is struggling what he should do.



The 40+ couple,Yuki and Sam, a beginner of mobile phone without knowledge about Japanese language, visited Tokyo for 5days. Nothing really special happen during the trip. However, when they are going to airport in the last day, the wife suddenly feel the stomach painful. She cannot walk anymore. She has to rest on a bench. A local comes and ask for if the couple needs any help. Knowing the situation, the local guided them to a medical store for medicine. After the wife takes medicine, she still needs some rest. Sam wait for Yuki’s recovery, but he knows it takes time. An hour past, Yuki feels better, and they go to airport though they know the flight is already gone. They cannot speak Japanese, and with very limited English, they buy a very expensive flight ticket back to Hong Kong.


This is the journey when a traveller is sick. The journey is developed based on the storyboard above. The three situation is about how the travelers get sick, the way how the find the method to heal the sickness, and they have lost money, time and mood after they are sick.




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