Week 8: User Journey and Use case diagram

This week learning focused on how to improve the user journey and what is a use case diagram.


During the lesson, we need to make a journey for a customer who visit a coffee shop. We have to think as much questions as we can for the customers when they visit a coffee shop. More importantly, we have to think on the shop owner side on how he can solve the problem brought by the customer. This in-class exercise help me to think deeper on the shop owner side. This benefit me on how to improve my user journey.


How to draw Use Case Diagram?

“So in brief, the purposes of use case diagrams can be as follows:

  • Used to gather requirements of a system.
  • Used to get an outside view of a system.
  • Identify external and internal factors influencing the system.
  • Show the interacting among the requirements are actors."





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