Week 9 : Concept

Concept 3

Instant medical insurance:


  1. Travellers will not go to see doctor because they are afraid of and worried about the high medical fee overseas. Therefore, they will only buy the medicine in locals or just wait until improvement.
  2. Travellers think that claiming the money from the travel medical insurance is difficult as they have to provide so many receipt and reference to proof they are really sick. If the amount of money is not that much, they will not go to see doctor if their body conditions are not really that bad.
  3. Travellers do the trust the local medical quality when they are travelling.


  1. A medical insurance card that is installed to the mobile phone.
  2. Traveller can go to the selected clinics or hospitals where are approved by the insurance company in terms of quality.
  3. Traveller can use the mobile app to pay for the medical fee. The insurance company will check directly from the bill, so the traveller can go to see doctor without any doubt about money. Their sickness can be heal faster.
  4. In terms of the place is difficult to connect to network, the company will issue a medical credit card for the payment if the customer order a medical insurance a month ago. The company can also check the record directly from the service provider.


  1. Reduce the anxiety of the travellers
    Travellers don’t have to consider much after sickness but directly go to see doctor if they are sick. They can be heal properly.
  2. No need to claim money.
    The app help the traveller pay directly to the service provider. If the travellers are really sick, they do not have to send the receipt back to the insurance company after the trip end as every thing can be done during the trip.
  3. Resume their trip as long as they are approved as sick
    The app not only can pay for medical service, it can also cover the extra cost brought by the sickness. For example, traveller can use the card to buy back the same value of concert ticket that they cannot see during their sick period.



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