Week 9 : Concept

After drawing the user journey, and review the questions inside, I have 2 initial concepts.

A medicine image generator


Traveler seldom prepare to get sick during traveling. They will not search for where they can buy medicine before the trip. Besides, the name of the sickness always difficult to tell in a foreign language, travellers often have problems when they wanted to buy medicine overseas.


  1. User Enter their basic information, like how old, where they are, their symptoms for sickness.
  2. Place a finger on the app to test what is their body temperature ,pulse and blood pressure.
  3. According to the result, The app will generate the information of medicine needed in IMAGE for the traveler.
  4. Afterward, the app will give a direction for the client to buy the medicine


The app can help the user skip the communication problem when they want to buy the medicine. Users can show the image of the medicine when they want to ask the locals and buy the medicine in the drug store. They can have a easier way to buy some medicine that they trust.

Review: There are similar products on the market, the idea is not new, the opportunity is to bring the information into a easier way for traveller to read.


It makes U feel better** (still developing)


No one want to be sick during travelling since it will ruin your planned journey. You may lost the flight, wasted the football ticket or diving course etc. The meaning of the trip will lost totally. In order to distract them, the app is made.


  1. Share a photo of what you lost caused by the trip during travelling.
  2. Hashtag #MyTripIsRuined. To tell the insurance company the trip is ruined
  3. The company will help them to rearrange the trip to end in a better way.


Travellers will become very sad when they are sick during the trip. What they can do is lying on bed and take more rest. The app help them to plan what they should do afterward.

Review: The situation about ruined trip cannot be changed. How can make them happier? distract them? give them another opportunity?




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