Week 12 : wireflow and prototype

Finalize the concept and features

User buy the travel insurance prior to travel, they download the app before the trip. it is only a part of the travel insurance covering the medical part. If they are sick, they can:

  1. buy travel insurance
  2. guide user to the partner clinic and hospital
  3. pay medical fee with the app
  4. save and record down the medical receipt
  5. help users to have further claims if they have other loss because of the sickness

Wireflow of key tasks – Pay for medical fee using the app

Convert the wireflow into paper prototype.


Test the prototype with a potential user

User need to use the application to pay for the medical fee after they see doctor and diagnostic.

Summarize the findings

The testing shows that:


1. the task flow is easy to follow as there are not much to choose


  1. cannot show which stage the user is in
  2. no need to choose what bill the user is paying for, user find difficulties in choosing between hospital and clinic.
  3. no further suggestion if the user forget the answer of secured question or the mobile phone fail to receive the sms.
  4. not much personal details like how much the travellers have already claims in the app, they would like to know if they meet the limit of the medical fee
  5. not secured enough if other people get the phone. they can go and pay for the fee.

Refine the Prototype – Medium Fidelity


  1. add how much medical limitation left in index page
  2. delete choosing bill type page
  3. add “provide proof later function"
  4. add the progress bar in each payment page

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