Week 14 Demo Day



Booth Area



Interactive Prototype


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.38.56 pm


Comments from tutors

  • Think more about the target user
    They should be someone who travel a lot.
  • Not many people will get sick during travel
  • the app may not be useful
  • Suggest to give some notification to the user when they cross the border using the app. Give them discount to buy travel insurance so that they can buy insurance after the starting of the trip.
  • This help to raise sales of the insurance package


The presentation is a causal one that chatting with tutor makes me more comfortable to share my idea to him. Though I am really familiar with the app, I have to prepare more on how to show him my work in order to present better.

Think in very detail way to feel what is the need of the target user is the most important thing I learn. Every step is essential to the target user even it is only a form for them to fill in. From how the user can get the log in ID to pay the bill are also important. Helping the user to find what the want in the least step is my concerns. I am afraid they will get lost inside the app. Don’t know what to click, Which page they are in, etc. Therefore, I make my app with clear instructions, prominent button and straight forward flow. So that user will not be confused.

For the comment from tutor, I think it is very useful to me. He suggested that, not all the traveller will buy travel insurance before they start the trip and it is not easy to sick during travelling, so that the app may not be useful for normal traveller. It should target some people who travel a lot and persuade them to buy travel insurance when the cross border.




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